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SOLD OUT Straight out of the UK. The biggest issue of Satanic Mojo Comix to date with 52 pages of Satanic fun and frolics. Limited to 666 copies. 

Signed by GUNSHO.


Cover: Jason Atomic
(w. Garry Leach & Aidan Cook)

Black Acid by Laughingindio w. Jason Atomic & Johnny Deluxe (plot/script)
Absolute Depravity by Dennis Franklin
Old Enough to Bleed by Gunsho
Nuns Overcome By Lust by Paul Arscott
Waiting For The Sun by Aidan Cook
Friggin’ Hell Comix by Savage Pencil
Sabbath Ov Thee Broken by The Satanist Cartoonists Coven
Sometimes It's Necessary To Kill To Create by Billy Chainsaw
Gasper The Ghoulish Ghost by Garry Leach
Famous Satanic Names by Martin Hand
Gasper The Ghoulish Ghost by Garry Leach
Stiffy The Devil Kid by Garry Leach
BEHOLD! THE VENUS GARUDA by Andrew Labanaris
The Origin Of Lester Starbeard by Jason Atomic
The Joy Of Tex by Matt Valentine
Satanic Mojo 1972AD by Graham Humphreys

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